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RE: [N8VEM-S100:234] 4M Boards (was: S-100 dual IDE board)

I believe that Mike is referring to my build log of the 68K board which
mentions problems that I had with making the SRAM board work with the 68K
board. The URL is
http://douglasgoodall.pbworks.com/w/page/32163079/Pontus%27-Notes and the
last entry mentions exactly what needs to be done to make it work with the
68K board.


John Monahan skrev:
> I don't actually remember that one Mike, do you Andrew?  It's been a
> while,
> but besides using 74Fxx the only way I could see cutting down the access
> time on that board would be to use a PAL. Remember the board is setup to
> accommodate the S-100 bus  which has two separate buses, one  for 8 bits
> and
> one bidirectional bus for 16 bits.
> I am already thinking how I will be doing 80486's, Pentiums etc. in the
> future. I think the best way will be to have the RAM on the same CPU board
> with surface mount RAM chips etc.  Somebody here told me there are outfits
> that will place the chips for you. Need to look into that.  Just use the
> S-100 bus for IO etc.
> Anyway a bit into the future.
> John
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> Andrew,
> On those 4M boards. Will those include the any timing modifications in
> support of the 68K CPU? I recall reading on one of the sites that there
> was
> potentially going to be a modification in reduce the amount of propagation
> delay in the read timing in order that an 'F IC might not be required in
> place of an 'LS. I'm sorry I've lost the link to that article, but does
> any
> of this ring a bell? And will the the next 4M boards include any such
> modifications?
> Meanwhile if I stumble on that page again, I'll bookmark it.
> Kind Regards,
> Mike Sharkey
> On 11-05-29 11:57 AM, Andrew Lynch wrote:
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>>  Sorry, I am out of the S-100 4MB SRAM boards although I can add you
>> to the waiting list for the next batch if you would like.
> [/clip]
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