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RE: Re: [N8VEM-S100:1402] S-100 Bus Terminator

Hi Charles!  Thanks!  The S-100 backplane already include bus termination
circuitry.  On the N8VEM ECB side we were discussing the EPROM/EEPROM/Flash
programmer project as well.  It ended rather inconclusively.  I guess I am
leaning towards incorporating the bus terminator into the bus extender board
rather than making a new board.  My concern is that it will mess up the bus
extender design and also make the bus extender more or less a permanent part
of the system.  It is a balancing act and I am not quite sure what is the
best route.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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> Andrew, I think the idea for a S-100 terminator board is a good one but as
> you mentioned it would only appeal to owners of legacy S-100 back-planes.
> To make the terminator board more useful to a wider range of users perhaps
> we could look at adding to the design...
>   1) Row of (4) 26 pin headers identical to the P2,P3,P4 and P5 on the
> back-plane board such that legacy systems could be expanded by adding the
> terminator card and the N8VEM back-plane board with four very short ribbon
> cable jumpers.  Not sure about noise introduced but it would be very
> inexpensive to try.
> 2) Many N8VEM/S100 boards require programming EEPROMS so the board
> space could be used for a 28C64 or 28C256 EEPROM programmer
> 3) Legacy systems also use EPROMs but modern programmers do not handle
> the NMOS EPROMS at all.  The Wellon programmer will not program them
> and the Willem programmer may work but which version (there are many).
> With that being said, another idea would be to use the space on the
> terminator board for an EPROM programmer for 2716, 2732 and 2764
> EPROMS similar to the SSM PB-1 board.
> Just some ideas to kick around and I would be interested in a terminator
> board of any design.
>  >>> Charles
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