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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1403] S-100 connector for extender card...

Hi Douglas!  Thanks!

Definitely a winner:


Good luck and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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> Friends,
> I am trying to locate one S-100 edge connector for the top end of my
> expansion board.
> Any ideas where to buy one? Or does anyone have a spare to sell or trade?
> Douglas Goodall
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> Douglas Goodall, http://goodall.com
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> infected by a virus or bot. It is bad enough that my Mac wants to stay in
> periodic contact with Apple's cloud. Skype was tempting before Microsoft
> bought them. There have been too many examples of remote session links
> being abused by vendor employees. Even "back to  my mac" makes me
> nervous. There was a recent episode where Apple cooperated with a social
> engineer and compromised someone's entire electronic persona. If you want
> to speak with me, calling me on the phone works well, and you don't have
> wonder if the electronic mail got through or not. When I say "Hello, this
> Doug", you know who you are talking to. Just in case you were curious.
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