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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2264] My recently completed S-100 test setup


Hi All,

I am anxiously awaiting my Z-80 board from Andrew (he should be getting them around Weds I believe), and this Friday, I will be ordering the Xi 8088 processor and micro ATX backplane from Sergey. I figure that I will be busy with those two projects for several weeks. The Xi will be used to program on in all of my old DOS compiler packages (Turbo Pascal, Turbo Assembler, Turbo Basic and Turbo C). The S-100 is for the fun of it and for learning on how to get several microprocessors to get along well in the same system... i.e., the Z-80 and (hopefully soon) the 8086 board. I will of course need the other things like memory, PROM, serial I/O, etc. The ultimate goal is something else, though. Eventually, what I really want is a Multibus system. Ever since I was a kid when the Cal-Tech Cosmic Cube was published, I have had a fascination with parallel computing.. Now if only there was a mail group like this for the Multibus!


Joe H