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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1969] FW: N8VEM / VCF East?

Hi Andrew,

Great idea.  Perhaps we can get this 8080 IMSAI/ALTAIR replacement board working with Don & Rich's Mini Front Panel.  Throw it on a S-100 bus with a power supply and there you'll have a functional replica!

PS. I've got the logic worked out and I'm starting to build a prototype on one of your prototyping boards.  There's going to be limited time until I finish the "Fall" work. But as soon as winter hits, I'll have a lot more time on my hands.


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> Subject: [N8VEM-S100:1969] FW: N8VEM / VCF East?
> Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 09:31:21 -0400
> Hi! If anyone is interested in taking their N8VEM related home brew
> computer to VCF East here is an invitation from the show organizer. Please
> contact me for details. Thanks and have a nice day!
> Andrew Lynch
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> Subject: N8VEM / VCF East?
> Hi Andrew,
> Evan K. here from VCF East.
> Our next show is April 4-6 (three days!), 2014, at our museum in Wall, New
> Jersey.
> Two big new things this time:
> 1. The third day. April 5/6 (Sat./Sun.) will be the standard VCF. Friday
> (April 4) will be "VCF East University" -- a separate-admission event with
> how-to classes all day long.
> 2. This one, I hope, will intrigue you! We're going to have a "Retro
> Pavilion" -- a whole room devoted to people/companies that make replicas
> and/or new products for vintage computers, and things of that nature.
> I don't knew where you are geographically located, but, people have come to
> VCF East from all over the planet. :) So I hope that you'll consider bring
> your SBC / S100 products to our show as a vendor. All we ask is either a $50
> fee or (better yet) a product of yours that we can give away as a prize.
> So far we have committments from Mike Willegal (Apple 1, Scelbi) and Jim
> Brain (Commodore). But we just starting pitching the idea yesterday. :)
> What do you think?
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