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update boards on the wiki



The EDA files are all posted to the wiki here in their respective folders




Over the years several builders have suggested improvements to the boards such as improved PCB labels, configuration directions on the silkscreen, various fixes and tweaks, etc.


Now is your chance to update the boards! 


Please post the revised EDA file sets in the same folder as you found the originals and clearly mark them as a later version.


This will allow future hobbyists to benefit from your work and prevent unnecessary duplication of effort.


Please note that updates which only affect the silkscreen layers will not impact the circuitry in any way so there is no chance of “messing up” a working board by updating silkscreen layers.




Andrew Lynch


PS, if there are any boards we’ve worked on in the past that you cannot find the EDA files in in the wiki, please let me know by posting on this mailing list.  I think every board that I’ve got is uploaded now but in case there are any missing let’s get those posted.