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Re: Z80 CPU board - D2/D3 port timing problem

Hello folks,
I just completed and installed the active terminator board on by Salota backplane and hooray all timing problems disappeared, you were right Frank !
I have ordered a set of oscillators to boost the CPU board, 10Mhz runs fine and is apparently reliable. 12Mhz does not even boot (the CPU chip is rated at 10Mhz, so I won't complain !)
CP/M runs real fast, programs compiled in Turbo Pascal are amazing in speed

Now the next question is : which will be my next board ? I still have 3 slots available :)

Le vendredi 31 octobre 2014 20:40:12 UTC+1, Frank Schieschke a écrit :
Hi Philippe,
again, use an active terminator and also the problem with the I/O ports are going away.
I also have to going through this experiences.