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RE: [N8VEM-S100:5333] KiCAD router

John the .exe version of Freerouter can be downloaded from "here" near the
bottom of this page.

It's the self-contained fast windows .exe version and does not require Java

There was a tread in the kiCAD yahoo forum a week or so ago about the
software legal stuff. Apparently no action was ever taken. 
Need to search around here:-
for more info.

BTW, just spent one solid week 10 hours/day mastering kiCAD. I now have it
working well. (Just put together a complete S100 VGA board!).  Great to
finally have mastered it. Will allow me to really work up some neat boards.
However have to say it was a real struggle to learn.
Big thanks to Andrew and Malcolm for handholding.


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With "http://freerouting.net"; now down, what routing software is available
to Kicad users?

The freerouting.net JAVA source is available; but has anyone compiled it to
32-bit or 64-bit executable code?

[The former JAVA code was interpreted on Linux (Fedora), and I presume
executed on Windows, where it ran about 10 times faster.]


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