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S-100 EPROM boards are here!

Hi!  The S-100 EPROM PCBs have arrived!  These are updated respins of the S-100 EPROM board from last summer with minor corrections and improvements.


The S-100 EPROM board supports a wide variety of EPROMs, EEPROMs, FLASH memories, and Static RAMs in 8 or 16 bit modes.  It supports many common 28 pin and 32 pin chips.


More information is available at John’s S100computers.com website here:




The board is $20 plus $3 shipping in the US and $6 elsewhere.  Please send a PayPal to LYN...@YAHOO.COM and I will send your boards right away!

There are plenty of PCBs so even if you weren’t on the waiting list there should be plenty to go around.  Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch


PS, I have some S-100 4MB SRAM boards, S-100 parallel ASCII keyboard interface boards, and S-100 Serial IO boards left too in case you’d like to get some of those and save on shipping.