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RE: updated PCB inventory

Hi Jeff!  Thanks!  Yes, those are right! 


The link for the S-100 regular prototype board (unbuffered) is




The link for the S-100 backplane is




The S-100 Console IO board has been redesigned to be only VGA display and PS/2 keyboard.  The rest of the functionality will be on another S-100 Propeller based board.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch


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Are these the correct links to the pages with more info about many of those S-100  boards?




4MB Static RAM:


Serial Board (2 Serial Ports, 2 Parallel Ports, 1 USB, plus option to use one of the serial ports with a text to speech chip)


IDE Board:


Floppy Disk Controller Board


Interface board for standard PC AT  keyboards:


ConsoleIO - PC Keyboard input, VGA Output, micro-SD-as-Floppy, Ethernet, and more Board:


System Bus Monitor


Priority Interrupt Controller (PIC) and Real Time Clock (RTC) Board


S-100 Extender board:


Prototype boards (both buffered and non-buffered)


Z80 CPU board