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Re: New S100 Boards ready to ship to those that asked for them

Hi John,
please can you confirm, are the ISA connectors you have right angled/bent connecting pins or straight connecting pins.
It's just that I noticed that your web page shows you modifying an ISA connector for right angled use.
If you have only the straight type then please withdraw my request for the ISA connector.
regards and thanks
David Fry

On Friday, December 5, 2014 4:43:19 PM UTC, monahanz wrote:

Guys I see that I have about 10 of these ISA bus connectors for the ISA to S100 bus board.  I cannot remember where I got them, probably eBay. Anyway IF you like, for those getting this board, I can include one connector at say $5 each.  Please let me know.  I also have 7 of the V9938 chips. Probably only need 3 backups myself.  For those who want one for the VDP board I can also include a chip at say $10/chip. Absolutely no warranties on either of the above. Chips will not be tested.  First come/ first served. Please send me a personalized e-mail on address changes and on the above. monahan AT vitasoft.org

On Friday, December 5, 2014 12:37:32 AM UTC-8, monahanz wrote:

Well I finally have gotten around to building the final/production versions  of the S100 bus VDP board, the 8/16MB Static RAM board with the RAM chips soldered directly to the board. Also done is the PC-ISA to S100 bus converter board.  I delighted to say all 3 boards are working fine though I was doing some heavy sweating soldering in the four 2MGX8 SMD RAM chips!  Info on the boards can be found here. 

VDP :-  http://s100computers.com/My%20System%20Pages/VDP%20Video%20Board/VDP%20Board.htm

16MB RAM:- http://s100computers.com/My%20System%20Pages/16M%20RAM%20Board/16MG%20RAM%20Board.htm

ISA Converter:- http://s100computers.com/My%20System%20Pages/ISA%20to%20S100%20Bus/ISA%20To%20S-100%20Bus%20Board.htm

Looks like the is a diverse number of pre-ordered boards.  Digging back through my e-mails below is the mailing list I will work from.   Please immediately let me know if there is an error. I also have one or two boards left over for each of the 3 boards for any late arrivals.  I have lost track of all paperwork and orders for these boards (there are some 6 boards in the works currently or varying numbers) so I going to charge $16/board + shipping.  I’m traveling (again) to Europe early next week so will ship on Saturday 13th. 

Name                    VDP Board    16MB Board     ISA to S100 Board

Fabio Battaglia                   3              3                              3

Paul  Birkel                          2                                              1

Matt Turner                       2              2                              2

Pete Plank                          2

Gary Kaufman                   2              1                              1

Josh  Bensadon 2

Yoda*                                   1

Leon  Byles                         1              1

James Cobb*                     1

Max  Scane                         1

Dan Werner*                     1

Ian May                                                1

Todd Goodman                                                                3

Robert  Greenstreet       1              1                              1

David Fry                             1              1                              1

J. Alex Jacocks                                                                   1

Andrew  Bingham                                                            1

Thomas  Owen*                                                               2

Jonathan Haddox*          1

Brian Marstella*                                                              2

James Cobb*                     1

Frank Schieschke*                                                           2

Kipp Yeakel*                                                                      1

Thierry Schembri*                                                           1

Neil Breeden*                                                                   2

Ants Pants*                        1


I need full names and shipping addresses for names with a “*” after your name.  Send (privately) to my e-mail address monahanATvitasoft.org (Change the AT to @)

Do not send payment until you get the board(s).
John Monahan