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Orders for 80386 CPU & RAM S100 Boards.

Guys here is the list I have for the 80386 CPU & RAM S100 Boards.  Todd tells me he has plenty of mezzanine boards  (V06c’s).  He is going to send enough to me so I will include 4/board with the 32MG Board (except for Curt).

This is going to be a large order, so if anybody has cold feet now is the time to step aside.  I will run and pay for the order myself and then use the “honor system” for people to refund me for boards + shipping when you get them.  They will be done by PCBCart. They have done good work in the past but do understand there is screw-up risk involved here.   It’s unlightly, but also possible, there is a mistake on a board , if you are in any way uncomfortable with this, no problem dropping out now.  Details about the boards can be found here. The schematics there (bottom of page) are the ones we will be using  -- I just updated all the schematics.


The listing format below is:-

Name,  80386 CPU Board ,  8MB SRAM Board,  32/64MB  SRAM Board, Mezzanine V06c Boards.


Fabio                     3,3,3,12

Gary                      2,1,1,4

Neil                        1,1,1,4

Ian D.                    3,3,3,12

Andrew B.           1,1,1,4

David                     1,1,1,4

Leon                      1,0,1,4

Vince                     2,2,2,8

Josh                       1,0,2,8

Alex                       1,1,2,8

Pete                      1,1,1,4

Robert                  1,1,1,4

Curt                       1,1,1,0

Ed                           1,0,1,4

John M.                3,3,3,12

Todd                      1,1,1,0

Andrew L.           1,1,1,4

Spare                    1,1,1,4

Total                      26, 22,27,100



Vince, Alex, Pete, Robert, Curt I need your shipping addresses.  Please send to monahan AT vitasoft..org

Boards will take 3-4 weeks to get here.  The order will go out tomorrow.