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Available S-100 PCBs


Here is an update on available S-100 board PCBs!  I've sent out many of the
PCBs and they are almost gone.

There are seventeen (17) of the S-100 IDE V2 reorder PCBs and one (1) S-100
LAVA PCB available.



The S-100 PCBs cost the same as before ($20 each).  However due to
unforeseen extreme price increases in shipping by USPS I am forced to change
shipping costs.

Shipping in the US will be $3 for a single PCB and $2 for each additional
PCB.  Shipping internationally will be $10 for a single PCB and $3 for each
additional PCB.  This is for the bare basics USPS first class postage with
no tracking or insurance.  The builder assumes all risk of delivery as per
usual arrangement.

I apologize for the large price increase on shipping but this is out of my
hands.  The USPS is in dire financial trouble and is raising prices on
shipping.  It affects us all and is most unfortunate.  These boards are
provided "at cost" so there is no margin to absorb any shipping price
increases.  I have to pass them along.

If you would like one or more S-100 PCBs please send a PayPal to

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch