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RE: [N8VEM-S100:3193] Re: S100computers.com

Hi Josh, thanks for kind comments. I have not figured out yet how to pass the site and all my s100 boards etc. to the next generation – though I have thought about it.


I do not have the JADE Big-Z so I’m afraid I can be of little help.  Anybody else here?


The picture I have there BTW is not great. If you get a chance could you send me on one of yours.  Don’t worry about background etc.


BTW, that Z80 board is not IEEE-696 compatible, you may want to consider getting on of the S100Computers/N8VEM  master/slave Z80 bare boards.  I think somebody is collecting names for an order.


Good luck








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I wish to pass a general THANK YOU for your wonderful website.  It's my "go to" place for S-100 boards.

Can I ask you put me in your will to inherit the website? 

I wish to talk about the JADE Big-Z.  The board in the photograph looks the same as the one I have, Rev C.
But it's not the same as the manual.  U21 (2nd from top, 2nd from right) is not a 8224, it's a 74LS04 on my board and looks to be that on your picture too.

Ideas?  The manual does not indicate a revision, does someone else in the group have a Rev C manual they can scan?

Thank You,
Josh Bensadon

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