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RE: [N8VEM-S100:301] Re: Disk Images

Guys if you absolutely get stuck you can send me  a blank disk/CF card and e-mail me files and I will setup a boot disk for you. But Please, Please, leave this as a last resort. I am up to my eyeballs getting 16 bit systems going for you. Just finished 8086 board with CPM86. Am putting together a package so that from the IDE board  (or ZFDC board) with CPM/CPM+ you should immediately be able to boot CPM86.  As Andrew knows this board has been a real struggle (3 prototypes!)  but we are very pleased with the final outcome. 8MHz!    


This hardware stuff however sucks time like you would not believe, so if somebody out there could pick up on the software and do improvements, disk images etc. that would be really great.  Currently we really need a Propeller programmer to improve the Console-IO board.   That chip is running at about 5% its capacity right now!


BTW It’s great to see so much activity in theS-100 bus arena. I think in a year or two we will have fantastic systems.





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Sounds like you're doing very well. I've actually gotten a couple of the S-100 boards from Andrew and John, and just received a 9-slot S-100 backplane. I haven't done anything with the N8VEM project but I'm getting one of the beta N8 (home computer) boards. I've been trying to locate an affordable 8" drive in order use something similar to what you're planning do, but I'm too far behind you to be of much help, I think. Sounds like you're basically ready to go. If I do happen across any resources, though, I'll give a shout. Knowing what your system is might click in my mind in other forums, etc. I definitely agree that mirroring someone else's initial setup would save a lot of hassle.

On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 6:37 PM, Elsid <le...@swiftdsl.com.au> wrote:

Hi Brian,
I have just finished assembling an "N8VEM S-100" system. I have a Z80
board, a ZFDC board, a 4M SRAM board, a System Monitor board, a PIC/
RTC board and a Propeller Con I/O Board.
I have been able to write the CPMLDR  to my 8” FDD using a  Z80ICE to
load hex files into memory. Next I was going to try using the Altair
Simulator with the Image Disk extensions to make a N8VEM S-100 virtual
system disk and then write that to a physical 8” disk using ImageDisk.
But I was hoping someone already had a system up and running that they
could share here.