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FP Mini Switch Brackets are in

The FP Mini FR4 switch brackets have arrived.

Price is $2.00 per bracket or if you want mounting hardware add $1.50.

Bracket kit includes:
  •     One bracket made of FR4 material (PCB). Each hole threaded for 2-56 screws
  •     21 stainless steel 2-56 machine screws
  •     2 threaded (4-40) aluminum hex standoffs
  •     4 4-40 machine screws

Not sure about shipping. It's probably as much as the hardware itself. :^(

I'll be posting installation tips on the Wiki. If you going to be mounting to the PCB
you have to drill two holes in your PCB. Sounds terrifying I know. If you use the
bracket as a drilling template you wont drill through any traces.

I know some of you have already requested them but if you don't mind please send a fresh request (Except Paul B.).

I like Johns idea of the honor system. When you get the package check the postage and PayPal me what you owe.

Thank you.

Don Caprio

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