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Re: [N8VEM-S100:1514] New/Old Project (Altair restoration)

One thing to keep in mind, is that the original monitors had CRTs.

I hooked my TRS-80 Mod 1 to several LED/LCD monitors and the sync
was bad and the chars looked like they were made from a group of 
broken lines or dashes. Very unreadable.

The persistence of vision and the phosphorus glow decay actually
helped create the character shape. The glow of the phosphorus 
fattened up the 'lines and dashes' and filled the voids thus creating the
shape of the chars.


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> Hi Josh -
> If that yellow jack on the new TVs will work, then I should be fine, as we have a small one that isn't being used, except occasionally in the guest room.

Just be aware that newer digital TVs aren't always friendly with older composite sources that weren't necessarily 100% in spec.  For example, my TV from about 3 years ago has a very hard time even syncing to an Apple II or NES output, and their composite decoders are NASTY when it comes to anything digital.  If you can scrounge up an old TV that has a composite interface (the cheaper the better, because the cheaper ones had sloppier control loops that were a lot more tolerant of bad inputs) and have space for it, you'll be a lot happier.  Craigslist is often a good source to get one for free, since no one wants to have to haul one to the dump.

- Dave

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