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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6096] Crusty's S100-8080 CPU Card

Todd -

AT27C256's should be fine, as the programming is pretty much a "one time" issue.  Crusty's newer software loads the bios.hex file from the SD card so changes to the Eprom should be rarely if ever needed.

or/ I'd be happy to program a 27C256 for you. 

I also have a Needham's EMP-20 I'd sell/swap.  It's dos based, but a solid well made unit that programs most of the 27xxx series.

- Gary

On 1/27/2015 10:09 PM, Todd Miller wrote:
I've been building this board and it's about 90 % populated.

While I'm waiting for parts, I was wondering about memory.

 1.  For the SD Card, what is recommended size & brand ?

 2.  27C256 Eprom ? 

My Data I/O took a shit a long time ago and I sold my NeedHams. I do Have a
EasyPro 90B that will do AT27C256 but they are OTP.  I'm accustomed to erasing
& reprogramming, but it takes 30 mins to erase under UV light.  I have many UV
Eproms, but nothing to program them.  They are just too old.

I see Mouser has;


Considering they only cost $1.98 each and are OTP, the "low cost"-vs-"erase time" makes sense.
I have never used OTP, but I could buy a few and write a few and compare.  Once I know my
programming hardware works I could go forward....

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