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copying RomWBW format media (update)


I previously mentioned problems copying RomWBW file systems between CF and SD media,
regarding total block count differences from one media to the next.

Limitations of "Win32 Disk Imager" were discussed and suggestions made about using WinDD
on Windows, or regular dd on linux, or regular dd on Mac OS X.

I ended up using a third possibility which was using cygwin dd on Windows.

I used Win32 Disk Imager to read the CF media into a file. Then I used cygwin dd as so..

$ dd if=dwg-02-jan-2013-devo-cf.img of=dwg-02-jan-2013-devo-sd.img count=3862528
3862528+0 records in
3862528+0 records out
1977614336 bytes (2.0 GB) copied, 150.156 s, 13.2 MB/s

I am using as my standard, the smaller of the two media sizes, in this case the SD.

This procedure worked perfectly and I now have cloned the 34 logical units worth of precious data from my CF to my new SD card. I no longer need to use the PPIDE on my N8-2312, and can use the on-board SD adapter with my SanDisk 2GB SD chip, which
is inexpensive on eBay.


Douglas Goodall