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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5669] Wifi / Serial converter module

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Just one more thing I wanted to add; As far as the RF performance,
they perform pretty well.

With the chip antenna, you can expect significantly less range than
using the external antenna, about 100 feet max I would suggest the
chip antenna.

With the cheap external antenna they provide, you can expect to get
range comparable with a decent laptop WiFi.

In our outdoor testing, using the supplied external antenna, we where
getting 250 feet of reliable/consistent communication speeds and up to
450 feet intermittently. Those tests where run using a Cisco 819
access point.

- --Mike

On 14-11-23 01:01 PM, Mike Sharkey wrote:
> I have considerable experience with them in embedded 
> "Internet-of-Things" style devices in industrial applications.
> A) You need hardware flow control (CTS/RTS).
> B) They can be either an access point or a client.
> C) In the simplest mode, you can handle one socket connection at a 
> time over the serial link.
> D) There is a sort of multiplexed mode that allows for handling 
> multiple socket connections, and requires a little more
> sophisticated programming on the serial-port side.
> E) Supplying a couple of spare GPIOs is also handy for controlling
> the RESET, and a couple of other useful functions.
> F) There is apparently also an Ethernet interface available on the 
> module, although I have never really used that function.
> G) You can get them with an on-board ceramic "chip" antenna or
> with the SMA connector for external antenna.
> In my opinion, I don't see them as being something which would be 
> comparable to the WiFi module, say, for instance in a laptop. They
> are good candidates for a dedicated point-to-point WiFi link, or
> for embedded "Internet-of-Things" type devices I suppose.
> In any case, read the documentation to be sure you understand the 
> limitations, and make sure you have the firmware version that
> matches the documentation you're reading. There are several
> versions of documentation and firmware out there, some are better 
> chineese-to-english translations than others.
> There is also a small inexpensive development board available on
> eBay and other places that breaks out into RS-232, and some GPIOs.
> Additionally, there are now some low power versions of it that are 
> smaller and flatter, but are functionally very similar.
> This is who we deal with for quantity purchases...they are
> generally helpful and friendly....
> http://www.tcp232.net/WiFi-to-RS232-UART-Module
> --Mike
> On 14-11-23 09:26 AM, Philippe Elie wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Did someone in this group already try those modules : they are 
>> supposed to connect RS232 interfaced equipment to Wifi networks.
>> I am considering getting one and connect it to the available
>> serial port of my serial IO board, so my S100 can be Wifi-enabled
>> :)
>> The  ebay auction 191046639519 provides the module (with 
>> RX/TX/RTS/CTS connections) and the external antenna
>> any thoughts on this ? thanks Philippe
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