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S-100 6502 CPU V2 PCBs have arrived!

Hi!  This is a courtesy “heads up”. 


I have six (6) of the S-100 6502 CPU V2 PCBs remaining and they are going fast.  Please contact me soon if you would like one.






The PCBs will be $20 each as per the usual arrangement.  Shipping in the US is $3 for a single PCB and $2 for each additional PCB.  Shipping internationally is $10 for a single PCB and $3 for each additional PCB.  This is for the bare basics USPS first class postage with no tracking or insurance.  The builder assumes all risk of delivery as per usual arrangement.


Please send a PayPal to LYN...@YAHOO.COM and I will send your board(s) right away! 


Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thanks and have a nice day!


Andrew Lynch