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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6153] 68000/68010 CPU board


I received all of Dr. Wilcox's engineering notes, book corrections, and hand-wrapped 68K board from him a couple of years ago. My intention had been to scan the notes and the book errata and place them on a web site as he indicated that he had no problem with that as long as credit was properly given. I looked briefly through the errata list last night but didn't see anything specifically related to the problem mentioned. Unfortunately, I don't have an operational system at this time (and little time to concentrate on getting one built) or I'd work with the wire-wrapped and the project's boards to see if I could spot any differences.

I will try to start working on scans this week and will coordinate with Andrew or other admin to post these to the pbworks web site if that seems a logical place to everyone. I will also try to get a very high res photo of the wire-wrapped board that he originally built. Maybe that would give some insight to someone regarding a change the might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Regards, Brian.