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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5841] Designing Chip Footprints in KiCAD

O man John. Thats a shame.

I usually run my designs through Advance Circuits FreeDFM service. It will
show errors and potential show stoppers. It also generates nice PDF's of
each layer, solder mask, silkscreen, etc.

It's saved me a couple times in the past.


On 12/15/14 03:07 PM, monahanz wrote:

I just got back 4 prototype boards for my 80486 S100 board.  Spent many days with KiCAD laying it out etc.    When I got the boards back (from PCBCart), to my horror I noticed that the back pins of the 80486 socket did not have solder pads.  The front pins were fine.    I have to lay out a custom footprint for the 80486 chip in KiCAD but unfortunately I did not add the solder mask requirement on the back of the chips footprint.  I had it on the front but not the back.  Just wanted to let people know so it doesn’t happen to you!   Hhave to redo the boards again!


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Don Caprio