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Re: IMSAI 8080A CPU board help.

Thanks, My Prop was similar except this
was how I had it strapped for my setup;

P77   P76
x-x   x-x
x-x   x-x

I changed it to your setup and now it displays key-press
except, it only responds to 'R' key-press.

>  . . r

When does it try to boot to the SD card ?
If you have time, how is your CPU board strapped ?

On Monday, February 16, 2015 at 1:45:14 PM UTC-6, Todd Miller wrote:
Booting up Crusty's 8080 CPU board with ver 1 of
the Prop I/O card. The Boot loader flys off the screen
like a key is being held down.  I can see the message;

Altair/Imsai <banner>

<D> Directory
<R> Ram Test
<V> View Load

First few boots I missed it, too busy looking
at the SMB, but then caught it out the corner
of my eye. Rebooted and stopped the CPU after
I saw the menu.

I'm guessing I don't have the Prop I/O set up
for the correct "status bits" for KEYBOARD
in/out.  I recall dealing with this to match
it up to my ver Dos.

What should it be set to ?

JP8/JP9 all jumpered
JP10 no jumpers, don't understand...