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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1237] S-100 board reorders

Hi!  Neil sent me these plans for a basic 64K RAM and basic IO board.  I've been planning on making this board for months if not years.  We've been really busy with other S-100 projects but it sounds like it may be time to do this board.  Please take a look at the schematic and send me any comments and/or ideas.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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> I'm interested in building a simple 64K RAM board for the same reason.  I
> have two Imsai's, both with multiple RAM card(s) with many memory chips.
> If someone could point me to a schematic, I'd like to build a few.  I know Don
> Caprio mentioned earlier this year he had a project on the PBworks page but
> I don't know where to find it.
> I'd like to look at a few designs.
> Todd
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> Hi Andrew,
> Cool, thanks! Just a note on what I'm using the first (buffered) prototyping
> board for....
> It's currently being used as a 64K RAM card in my IMSAI. This was done to
> establish a working system. I'll be replacing this RAM card with the old RAM
> cards when I test/fix them.
> At that point, I'll repurpose this card to be an 8080 CPU, RAM & I/O card for
> another IMSAI system I'd like to resurrect.
> Cheers,
> Josh

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One more thing, in 2010 I designed and wire wrapped an S-100 card that does the following, I use it with a Wameco 8080 CPU card / Tarbell Single Density controller in my CP/M 1.4 system.


64K RAM – ability to enable/disable the RAM in 4K blocks (you can leave 4K holes in the RAM space for things like memory mapped video cards (VDM1) and boot/monitor EPROMs.

2xPIO (8255s)

2xSIO (8251s)

AY-5-8116 Dual BAUD Rate generator

I have a serial “3M” brand Keyboard from the early 80s (early video editing system keyboard), I custom modified it to work with one of the UARTs in my design, this is on card.

Centronics Parallel port using an 8255 (I never got this fully working)

CP/M 1.4 configs


Note sure if the attached PDF has any interest in old school design (I did use a few modern parts such as 32x8 SRAMS and a MAX232), I could provide pictures as well.


I also have a set of scans of another I/O card designed by Big Dave (http://ztac.net/ - Know for FBE Research (Heathkit add on cards) back in the day) in the late 70s, I also have the wire wrapped card he wrapped from the design and have used it, in my mind this is a truly interesting artifact as the comes from the time when S-100 was state of the art. Would pics and the scans be of any historical interest.





From: Andrew Lynch [mailto:andrew-lynch@sbcglobal.net]
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To: 'Neil Breeden'
Subject: RE: S-100 Cards


Hi Neil!  Thanks!  Sorry I am all out of the S-100 Z80 CPU boards.  My plan is to do a PCB reorder later this spring.  Would you like me to add you to the waiting list?


I will be making an order for the S-100 Console IO boards soon -- probably this weekend actually!  I can add you to the waiting list if you would like.  Please let me know!

The S-100 Console IO has been redesigned to use a single Propeller and is now basically a “terminal on a board”.  You plug in the VGA monitor and PS/2 keyboard, configure and go.  All the other IO features have been moved to another board we are working on for later.


I hope all is well with you and your family.  These are stressful times and I wish you the best!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch


From: Neil Breeden [mailto:nbreeden2@comcast.net]
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To: 'Andrew Lynch'
Subject: S-100 Cards




   I was just going over the S-100 cards I have bought and realized I still need to get an “An S100 Z80 Master CPU Board” and a “A Dual Propeller Driven Console IO board.


  Do you have any in stock? Ideally I’d take two CPU cards and one Dual Prop card.


  Hopefully someday I will have time to assemble a system using them all.



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