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RE: [N8VEM-S100:580] S-100 8086 Up and Running

Yes you can run CPM on the V30.  However you have to be careful, it does not accept the non 8080 Z80 opcodes.  Unfortunately many BIOS'es (including mine) make use of these codes -- as no a number of (non-DR) CPM programs.  The V30 spec sheet I seem to remember outlines how to switch modes. However because of a legal issue with NEC & Intel the V30 does not use the same opcodes terminology as Intel (or Zilog).  The results are the same but it is frustrating sometimes. In any event a DR assembled 8080 program should run on the V30 if switched into that mode.
I have not done this however. If somebody can write up a short demo program that would be great.


John Monahan Ph.D

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Hello Leon,

Good for you!!! Wow! Congratulations!

I've read that the V30 chip can be made to run in an 8-bit mode (I think, via assembly commands). I wonder if you could run CP/M on a V30 (in 8-bit mode)?

Happy Holidays,
Bob Greenstreet

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>Hi and Seasons Greatings.
>All the best to everyone and their families.
>I've just completed my S-100 8086 board.
>See photos at:
>Everything went smoothly except a missing K8 jumper 1-2 gave me some 
>grief for a while.
>I have a V30 CPU and a 24MHz oscillator (8MHz clock) without any 
>problems. I'll try  10MHz next when I get a crystal.
>Next step is to get CPM86 and MSDOS going.
>Thanks for another great board John and Andrew.