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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5089] Looking for a teletype

Oh, what a sad story. I bought one several years ago. The paper tape reader and punch worked like a charm.
The keybopard function was perfect. The guy I bought it from use to work on them so knew how to tune them up.

During some activity in my garage a large object fell off a shelf, hit the ASR and knocked into on the
floor smashing it to pieces! I was just sick over it and kick myself for not storing it in my basement.
Brings tears to my eyes now just thinking about it.

Good luck finding one John. I've given up.

There use to be a guy on eBay that sold a really nice paper tape reader. It was very cool. Ran off LED's.
You could pull the tape through by hand at any speed. I wanted one but the price was rather outrageous.
This sort of a kit would be a great project and fun to build.

On 08/30/14 09:53 AM, monahanz wrote:
Any of you guys out there know where I could pick up an ASR33, preferably with a paper tape reader.   A few years ago they were fairly common on eBay. None right now.
If anybody has seen one in the SF bay area will travel!


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