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S-100 8086 CPU board ordered (finally!)


I ordered a batch of the S-100 8086 CPU boards.  They should be here
in about three weeks or so (late Nov or early Dec).  There are enough
boards for everyone who has asked for one plus a few extras for those
who arrive late.

The good news is all the S-100 EPROM (EEPROM, FLASH, SRAM) board PCBs
are now gone to their builders.  Thanks to everyone who contributed
for the PCB respin project.

There are still plenty of the S-100 Serial IO board and S-100 buffered
prototyping board PCBs left.  However even those are starting to come
down to more manageable levels.  There are 19 of the S-100 buffered
prototyping board PCBs left and 29 of the S-100 Serial IO board PCBs

John and I are working on the S-100 PC-AT board (also known as the MS-
DOS support board) which provides much of the ancillary circuitry of a
PC-AT motherboard but without the RAM or CPU.  John should be building
and testing the first prototype board in the next few days.  Also the
we've ordered an S-100 VGA prototype board which should be here soon.

Neil, Rich, and John are also working on the S-100 68K CPU board.
John added a bunch of circuitry to support multiple CPU masters on the
S-100 bus.  Look for an updated S-100 68K CPU board soon.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch