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RE: [N8VEM-S100:5765] PropIO up and running; a few questions

See the 8086 Monitor/Bios for questions like this Rich.  Around  IBM_BIOS: You will see that only Keypressed (Int 9)  and Timer Tic (Int 8 are used) – no others. 

The Console IO page on S100Computers shows keyboard connected to S100 bus pin 5 and yes you have to use keyboard ints for (standard, off the shelf) MSDOS.

Take a look at the Spin code also to understand the key press Int process.





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All —


                I finished building the PropIO this morning and I’ve gotten it to work with the Z80 CPU card. Now I’m trying to get it to work with the 8088 master/slave card. Right now, the system is the PropIO, 4MB RAM (4mb installed, 1mb enabled), Z80 Master, MSDOS, and 8088 M/S boards.


                Switching back and forth works, mostly, but many times the 8088 board goes into la la land, just streaming spaces on the screen after the banner. This is recoverable only through a reset.


                Also, on the PropIO, do I have to enable hardware interrupts and if so, which VI should it be? VI1*? VI0* is jumpered on the MSDOS board for the timer. Any other jumpers on the MSDOS board I should be looking at?







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