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RE: [N8VEM-S100:3510] Re: Help with Dual CF S-100 IDE VERSION 02

Great to hear all is OK Neil, I wasted a lot of time trying to  get dual adaptors to work back then. That is why I went with the two sockets.




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OK, I understand the core issue. The CF adapters I have can be dual CF adapters; they however only have the connector for one CF card installed. They way they are made they are 'upside' down when I connect them to the IDE controller as is shown on the S100Computers website; the result is the pins on the connector are reversed.


If I force the CF adapter onto the IDE board connector upside down things work as expected; this however means the CF card etc. are facing the IDE board and everything is under stress.


There was a note that there had been issues with the 'dual CF adapters' not working, I'm guessing this is why.


If you look at the attached photo you can see that the alignment tab on the connector faces up (same side as the electronics), on my adapters this alignment notch is on the backside of the adapter board; I actually had to trim it off which should have been a big clue there was an issue.


I'll look to order some new adapters.


CF Card Adaptor





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