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Re: [N8VEM-S100:360] S-100 Board Ejectors?

Mouser has them.

749-CP-46-WE is the part number on one of my bags.  

HOWEVER... they come in various thicknesses and this might be the bag that's a little tight, so start there and make sure you order ones that are wide enough to fit the board.  I didn't see my other bag of them, so I don't have the other part number right off.


On Jul 28, 2011, at 11:48 PM, mike wrote:

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> Hi Nick,
> Good luck with that, I'm hanging on to the few I have as if they where
> gold! :)
> I don't recall if it was this list or another list, but I do seem to
> recall somebody talking about a source for those, or am I imagining
> that? Maybe search the archives.
> - --Mike
> On 11-07-27 10:31 PM, Nick Papadonis wrote:
>> Hi
>> Does anyone have a couple board ejectors that I can attach to the
>> S-100 IDE card?
>> Thanks
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