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Version 3 of our S100 bus Syatem Monitor Boadr gone out to users.

The final "production version" of our V3 SMB came in from China this week.  Glad (and relieved to say -- there were 30 boards) that the board checks out OK.  The only issue I have found is that the 3 digit bus clock frequency (PHI) is always 1MHz less than expected. i.e. 10 MHz Z80 shows 9.99MHz, a 8MH 8086 shows up as 7.99MHz.  The construction notes and details about the board can be found at the bottom of this page:-

Here is the shipping list I worked from:-

Ian McLaughlin          1

Fabio Battaglia     3

Tom Lafleur    1

Brian Marstella    1

David Fry   1

Matthew Turner  3

Neil Breeden   1

Leon Byles  1

J. Alexander Jacocks   1

Jedi Master (Dave)  2

Eric Osman   1

Jack Rubin (will give to you at VCF next week)

Don Caprio (Will give to you when we meet next week)

Todd Goodman   3

Pete Plank   1

Paul Birkel    2

Robert Greenstreet   1

Rick Bromagem   1

Tim Acker   1

Hope I got everybody.  Almost all the components of the V1 or V2 boards can be used in this board.  This one is just better arranged using the GAL for fast 8 & 16 bit port addressing - a problem with some in the past for master/slave CPU switching.

For payments, send $16/board. Read the stamp cost and PayPal to me WHEN you receive the board.  I'm counting on everybody following the "honor system" , I don't have time to track everything.  Just shipping these board out took a full day!

Status of things...

Next is the corresponding V3 version of our Dual IDE/CF board.  Again a GAL (actually 2) are used for a faster/simpler layout.   This time I had 4 production board ordered from China to test first.  That way I'm not sweating with a backlog of boards that may have an error!  This will be my approach from now on.   Also in the works is a "V4" version of our old tried and true  16MB static RAM board, two GAL, no daughter board, SMD RAM 8 or 16MB RAM, with adjustable wait states. "The last S100 bus RAM board  you will ever need!".

My main focus, the S100 bus 80486 master/slave CPU board is turning out to be more difficult that anticipated.  Now on version 3. I seriously misunderstood how the data is passed into and out of the CPU in 8, 16 or 32 bit wide modes.