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Re: Ithaca Intersystems DPS-1 Front Panel


I appreciate so much to hear from you regardless about arriving late.

You have DSP-1 system and you can help me to find out what brand and type for IC7. I can get all IC chips except IC7. I have schematic showed for IC7 was "Diode Pack", no diagram, no IC number. Someone suggested me to try with TID126. I looked datasheet and believe it is similar one. Hopefully, you can fetch your digital camera and make a shot and show exact label of the IC7.

S-100 group developed two great boards, System Monitor Board and FP Mini Board. Right now, I work on System Monitor Board and seek to buy FP Mini Board soon.

I feel it will be great to have third one, Cloned Ithaca InterSystems DSP-1 Front Panel Board. Because it was superb designed during old days as engineer who designed it after learn from Altair and Imsai front panels and then improved before IBM PC system into the market and ceased S-100 system.

It will be nice to bring it back again and S-100 group can work to enhance the circuit schematic and create full 16-bit data bus. I strongly believe Ithaca engineers did work on new front panel with 16-bit data bus but abandoned it completely in early of 1980's.

During old days, I own a brand new Ithaca InterSystems DSP-1 but stolen during moving along with complete Technical Designs Labs equipment. It broke my heart and hard to forget it. Now, I retired and want to rebuild and bring my old days back to finish my goal. I hope the S-100 Group will consider to create next generation DSP-1 Front Panel Board with 16-bit data bus.

Thank you very much,

On Tuesday, September 16, 2014 7:20:28 PM UTC-4, Kipp Yeakel wrote:
Sorry for arriving late. I have 2 DPS-1's as well as several other Ithaca systems. I also have a fairly complete set of manuals. I currently have one of my DPS-1s running and booting CP/M 2.2. I haven't had time to check out the others. I have a partially built front panel kit that I was building till I got distracted when looking for proper switches. If there is something that I can do to help you out, let me know.