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Board Run: Unbuffered Prototyping

Josh:  Both Steven Feinsmith and myself have recently expressed interest in a run of the unbuffered prototyping board.  I have brought this topic up several times over the past year or so (most recently 2-3 weeks ago, without response) but there's been insufficient interest (borderline none) and I haven't had sufficient immediate need to strike out on my own with a run of only a few much-more-expensive boards.  I'd like to see us get the volume up to the point that we approach/reach the $20 per-board cost, but that means at least 20 boards.  I'm not sure that each of us wants 7 boards ... but three interested parties is certainly better than just one :->.

I'm located in Maryland; not sure where Steven is located.  I gather that CA-US shipping cost is asymmetric -- here-to-there is cheaper than there-to-here?

I'd be willing to serve as "trail boss" if there's sufficient interest.  Andrew did offer to get me started last week, but I still await sufficient interest ...

Can I get commitments on board counts from interested folks, please?



On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 6:10 PM, Crusty OMO <crus...@hotmail.com> wrote:
Hi Group,
I am thinking of helping out and doing a board run.  I was planning on doing the unbuffered prototype board, but Andrew thought someone else here may already have that in motion?  First, let me start by saying I'm in Canada, so it may be a little more costly to ship to the US, but internationally it might not make any difference.
Can we hear a vote of which boards to build, and a show of hands who might want to build them?
I don't want to organize the group... but with a little communication I believe we can organize ourselves.

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