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S-100 boards in work


We have a few boards in work and I’d like to update some status on them


S-100 8080 CPU or FP board:  where are we on this?  We had a prototype schematic at one point and were going to make some updates.  Any progress?  What’s the plan?

S-100 Utility board:  SRAM/ROM/UART/PPI/RTC board. Basically the guts of an MSX2 computer sans CPU, VDP, and sound generator.  Prototype board almost done and will be getting prototype PCBs soon.  Need to assemble initial build and test team.  Probably going to be a real bear to debug the initial version.


S-100 uPD7220:  Ready to go to prototype but there doesn’t seem to be much interest in this board.


S-100 SMB V2:  John and I will be working this probably in the Fall


S-100 DMA: same as above


Probably there are more.  Please feel free to ask about various board projects.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch