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Re: An ARM CPU on the S100 bus

On Wednesday, July 30, 2014 12:49:50 PM UTC-5, Andrew Bingham wrote:
So if we wanted to put a board on the S-100 bus, I would see two options.

Yes I have one of those spare time gizmo boards also. No FP here.

My crazy arduino "emulator" idea has the bonus of trapping IOT and using the prop console S100 board.  That idea comes in handy for weirder ideas like an IBM 1620.

I see no real alternative for the weirder machines.

For an emulated PDP11 I was thinking of just writing modern S100 device drivers "how hard could that be" being famous last words.

The arduino mega is 5 volt IO but not much storage and slow.  The arduino Due is 3.3 volt so bidirectional level conversion would be a must, however, its fast enough that I'd have to add NOPs to make it "realistic"