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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6071] You Tube, loading 4K MS BASIC

That is an awesome video !

Back in the day as a mid teen, I got into computers.  Our school
system had a network between all the local schools.  At first it was
an HP2000 Access System that was replaced with a PDP 11/70 RSTSE.
When they went to a VAX, they dumped all the old hardware and I 
scored a Model 33 Teletype.

I got rolls of 11/70 software that I couldn't use, but I did get quite
a few rolls of Basic programs.  I interfaced the teletype to my
TRS-80 and was attempting to load the basic paper tapes to magnetic tape.
I did manage somewhat to get it to work as a printer with the TRS-80.

Well apparently when your 15 and come from a single parent family, "Mom"
doesn't like to hear chunk-chunk-chunk coming from my room at 10pm or later.

It was gone in days :-(

I do love my Mom ;-)

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Hi Guys, 

Here's a video that a friend, Jeff Brown, took and posted on You Tube. 

Matt was there in person, so he got to watch it first hand! 

Check it out: http://youtu.be/2wEyqJnhec8 


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