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Re: S-100 PIC/RTC Board Production

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014 8:08:32 AM UTC-5, Edward Snider wrote:
Are there many people interested in this board?  If there is enough interest (20 boards) I can handle a run of these.

My interpretation of the board is its a non-msdos compatible msdos support board.  I'm curious if there's any software, features, compatibility, advantages of this specific board.  So the XYZ board only works with the PIC/RTC board and not the MSDOS support board because of ...

They are both basically 8259 plus a RTC, right, I think?  And the msdos board adds the keyboard hardware and msdos timers, right?

I'm unclear on this and that would help me figure out if I want one of these.