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Modifying Directory Table - space for all AUs on IDE CF Directory (no holes method) question.


Now that I have a system that will boot to the A> from my IDE CF using the 'no holes' method outlined by David Fry, I am starting to add other files to the CF.

I am populating my IDE CF card with files and modifying the Directory Table as described by David in his article 'Z80 CP_M 3.0 build.doc'.  (http://s100computers.com/My%20System%20Pages/IDE%20Board/Z80%20CP_M%203.0%20build.pdf)

With the scheme whereby 1 Allocation Unit (AU) = 4 Sectors (2kb) I run out of space on several Directory entries and need to make sure I am doing this correctly.

In the image below, see the entry for INITDIR.COM.

The program starts at Sector 338 (AU=45) and I need the additional room for AU entries.  So, is it proper to simply add another line to the directory and continue with the AU assignments as shown here? 

00 49 4E 49 54 ......................................................          INITDIR.COM
45 00 46 00 47 00 48 00 49 00 4A 00 4B 00 4C 00     
4D 00 4E 00 ...

Thanks for any suggestions -