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Re: Run of Dual CF-Card/Hard Disk IDE S-100 Boards

Hi Gary,
No worries, glad you got it working, I'll keep a check on this thread in case you run into any further issues.
I have briefly looked at MyIDE V2.9 and can see in the code where it scans both drives, I use the ROM based MyIDE because I did not have a working CP/M when I built and tested my card.
can you shed any light on Gary's findings, should MyIDE V2.9 work with CP/M 2.2 ?
Best Regards
David Fry

On Tuesday, March 18, 2014 10:27:41 PM UTC, Edward Snider wrote:
Hi everybody,

I'd like to do a board distribution project of Dual CF-Card/Hard Disk IDE S-100 Boards.

Is anyone interested in getting one or more of these?

Just post here and I'll get a list started.