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Re: Floppy Status

On Apr 20, 10:01 am, norwe...@aol.com wrote:
> > I took the recommendation to free myself from 8 inch floppy drives to
> > heart. Both my CP/M system and DOS/65 system now boot from 5.25 inch,
> > 80 track, DSHD (1.2 MB) drives. Drives are configured with 15 sectors
> > of 512 bytes each per side for each track. Track 0 - Side0 is the
> > system track and with the ability to hold 60 128 byte records it has
> > more than enough room for the bootable system.
> Kudos, Rich!!!  Sounds like a lot of work, but I'm pretty sure that you'll be *VERY* happy with the new configuration.
> Roger

It really was not that difficult to do as the basic approach was
similar to what I had done 2+ years ago in the DOS/65 port to the C64.
It just took a little extension of that approah.

There is however something a little sad about shutting down the eight
inch drives. The enclosure, power supply, and one of the two drives
have been in operation on and off since 1980 or so - over 30 years! I
guess though using "newer" old technology is still fun!