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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6692] Re: CP/M Mbasic 5.21

First try gave me -2.417
Second try, answer was 40.

It doesn't matter if its 'RAN' inline or at the prompt;

I type this in;

PRINT 4*E-3,4*E
-3            -2.41704E-35 
PRINT (4*E)-3,4*E,
-3            -2.41704E-35  
PRINT ((4*E)-3),4*E,
-3            -2.41704E-35  

The answer should be 'one' , 'four'  not -3 , -2.14E

At first I thought, order of operations or RPN, but it
doesn't change the result as seen above.  

I can't force it, with parenthesis, to multiply E four 
times and then subtract 3 to get my answer.

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Try this: 

X=4 * Z 

if you get 40 then the issue most likely has to do with printing an intermediate result via the command line; I vaguely recall a bug like this in a BASIC interpreter form 40+ years ago though I don't recall the details. 

Then try this: 

10 Z=10 
20 PRINT Z*4 

If this also work then the issue is pretty much isolated to how the command line is being handled. 


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