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RE: [N8VEM-S100:2675] Re: A V2 version of the S100 Bus 80286 master/Slave CPU Board

Not yet Neil, Andrew is bogged down at work (his real job) and is only available on weekends right now. 


I believe both the SMB and MSDOS support boards are currently being tweaked for final routing in his basement.  As you probably know, the program takes days to arrive at an optimized board layout pattern.  I hoping both of these will be done real soon, perhaps this weekend.


Next up is the 80286.  The good news on that one is the prototype tweaks were very minor, mainly grounding spare unused gate inputs, silk screen labeling etc.

I’m guessing a week.   Rest assured the minute it’s done we’ll announce.  




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Do you have a production worthy board layout yet?


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