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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4490] 7401 for 4 MB board

thank you all for your quick responses !
actually it appears anchor-electronics does not ship outside US and I could not find any in mouser.com

anyway, I finally found and ordered some 74LS01's on eBay and the rest of the BOM on mouser. Hope I get that before WE so I can continue my homework !


Le mardi 8 juillet 2014 03:28:18 UTC+2, mathman a écrit :

Try Anchor Electronics. www.anchor-electronics.com -the 74LS01 is $.25; (catalog page 6; PDF document). I've had great luck with them in the past.
The ship Fed X, if that works for you. They usually have other hard-to-find parts as well.
Good luck


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Hi folks, i wanted to order the BOM for the 4 Mb board and could not find a single source for the 74LS01... Tried all flavours, 7401, 74f01, 74hc01... to no avail... I was just curious to know if it could be replaced by a 7400 (the 01 being the open collector version) in this particular board?

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