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Fwd: Probe Reference Kit from Tektronix

Here is some interesting links to reference materials about hardware debugging...


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From: Namik Brkovic <Namik....@tektronix.com>
Date: May 20, 2011 9:57:12 AM PDT
Subject: Probe Reference Kit from Tektronix


Thank you for spending time with me on the phone today.  As promised, here are links to the Essential Probing Reference Kit:

  • ABCs of Probes:  This 60-page primer covers everything you need to know about probes--from the different types of probes and their benefits to advanced probing techniques and more.
  • Probe Reference Poster: This easy-to-print, 11x17 poster provides probe tips and techniques to post in your lab or workspace
  • Probes & Accessories Selection Guide: A quick guide to help you pinpoint the right probe for your application - packed with helpful considerations to avoid common problems

We hope you find this information useful. And, we look forward to working with you on any upcoming projects.


Namik Brkovic
Americas Marketing Representative