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For sale: Unbuilt S-100 BUS EXTENDER VERSION 02 with Edge Connector

As I have several S-100 bus extenders in my collection I've decided to sell my unbuilt S-100 V2 Extender card. It's unbuilt and as clean as the day Andrew mailed it to me. I'm including an S-100 edge connector with the board. It's a wire wrap style connector so the pins are too wide for the PCB. You can however bend the pins in so they make good contact with the PCB. I've notched the ears on the edge connector so it slides down over the extender PCB resulting in a mechanically solid connection between the PCB and the body of the edge connector (it's not just relying on the solder). I've been using another of the S-100 V2 Extender cards built the same way for some time with good results.

I'd like to get $40 for it with the edge connector which includes shipping in the US lower 48 states.