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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6006] Shipping

Hi Don,

I use stamps.com but mostly only for things I can't send through

It has a monthly "maintenance" fee which I think is fairly expensive.

It works OK, there are some annoying things with the stand alone app as
well as their web site.  I like the usps.com web site better.

I haven't had any problems with the postage printing or with getting a
refund for a label that I had to destroy due to being incorrect (it took a
few weeks though.)

Printing a stamp has to use their labels.  I'm still using the free ones
I got in my "starter" pack from them.  You can print package postage to your
own labels and can print directly on an envelope as well as an
alternative to a stamp.

I've considered looking at alternatives to see what their monthly fees

Check around too before you sign up.  I found an offer for $150 in free
postage (I have to send a postcard to them each month with the stamp
printed via stamps.com and then get $50 credited to my account.)

Bottom line for me is it's still worth not having to go to the post
office (since they're only open when I'm at work) but I do think the
monthly fee is expensive.  Check offers to see if you can find one with
the lowest monthly fee (don't know if they do that, but it's worth
looking at.)


* Don Caprio <ilv...@gmail.com> [150112 18:02]:
> Please excuse my off-topic question. It's sorta related.
> It seems as though I've been doing a heck of a lot of shipping these days.
> The USPS web site is handy since I can print postage from my office and
> never visit the post office. However there are limitations.
> I was considering using stamps.com as an alternative.
> Does anyone have experience with this service?
> Thanks for your feedback.