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N8VEM PCBs inventory updated

Hi!  I updated the PCB inventory list on the wiki. 




If there are any boards that builders are looking for please let me know.  The DSKY V2, DiskIO V3, and PPISD PCBs are on their way and should be here soon.  Also the S-100 backplane, S-100 4MB SRAM, and S-100 8088 CPU board PCBs should be here soon.


I am planning next to order the ECB MF/PIC respin boards and some XT-IDE V2 PCBs as soon as I get a chance to catch up.


On the S-100 side, probably the S-100 LAVA is next, then the reordered S-100 System Monitor Boards, and then probably the S-100 68K CPU board.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch