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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1749] updated S-100 VDP V3 schematic and PCB layout for review

Sorry Andrew, when I said p7, I meant pin 7 not the color bus signal P7.






I have checked the S100_VDP V3-sch schematic and found a few mods I have on my board that are missing:


1. On the RAMDAC U25 p7 can we put a two way jumper in to take the BLANK signal either from the VDP U12 p7 (as it is wired now) or to have it pulled up to 5V via a 1k pull-up so it is permanently unblanked? The only way I could get any output from the RAMDAC was to cut the BLANK signal from the VDP (U12) by slipping out pin 7 from the socket and pulling up U25 p7.


2. I have a 1k pull-up on the VDP U12 p2 DHCLK. This is an open drain output so it needs to be pulled up. I am not actually running the RAMDAC from the DHCLK at the moment but we would need the pull-up to get full TTL levels if we wanted to use it.


Best regards

Leon Byles



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Subject: [N8VEM-S100:1749] updated S-100 VDP V3 schematic and PCB layout for review




Please review the attached S-100 VDP V3 schematic and PCB layout files and send me any changes and/or corrections. 


These include the latest changes from Leon and John.  Any others?  Assuming we are good to go on this board, I will send it for prototype PCBs soon.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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