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Upcoming S-100 boards


Here is a quick update on upcoming S100computers.com and N8VEM S-100 board projects:


1.        S-100 6502 CPU V2 (includes minor fixes from V1 plus new TMAx multiple CPU logic) – taking orders for “production” boards.  Please contact me if you would like to advance order to reserve one or more PCBs.

2.       S-100 ParallelIO – this is a new board sort of a modernized version of the MITS Altair PIO board.  Includes LED debugging lights.  It is meant to be an easy to construct and test board for new builders while still being useful to all.  Includes 4 each byte wide input and output ports plus a PC compatible printer port.  Currently in prototype build and test.

3.       S-100 TestIO V2 – An experimental S-100 to ISA bridge. The purpose of this board is to diagnose why the VGA chipset works on the ISA bus but not on the S-100 bus.  May evolve into a general purpose bridge board sometime in the future but is just for internal build and test at the moment.

4.       S-100 EPROM/RAM V2 board – a redesign of the original S-100 EPROM/RAM board with improved logic and options.  Very useful general purpose memory supports common DIP Flash, EPROM, SRAM, etc.  Prototypes ordered for build and test.

5.       S-100 VDP V3 – update to the ongoing development of the V9938 and AY-3-8910 video and sound board.  Feedback from Leon and John have fixed the major problems and it is reliably generating composite video, sort of VGA video, and sound.  Prototypes ordered for build and test.

6.       S-100 80286 CPU – finishing up in PCB trace routing after several revisions.  Probably will go to prototype build and test before a production board available due to the rather significant updates.  Would like to get this out this summer.

7.       S-100 80386 CPU – finishing up in PCB trace routing.  Really could go to production at any time but will probably follow the S-100 80286 CPU board.

8.       S-100 80386 SRAM V2 (8MB) – matched for S-100 80386 CPU has completed PCB trace routing and is ready to go for production.


There are more boards in earlier stages of development that have not reached the prototype stage yet.  We’ll save discussion of those for later.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch